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Mortality is now a thing of the past. Since we began using TLC in our stock tanks, we really don’t lose any fish! TLC really helps our bottom line!
- Brandon Schreder, Apet, Inc. Annapolis, MD
Healthier fish and reduced mortality are great for our customers and our operation. Since we began using TLC In-Store gallons, our mortality has been virtually negligible. TLC is a great product. Thank you!
- Bob Calloway, Toppers Pets Victoria, TX
I use In-Store Gallons in my store reef tanks. As advertised, it really solves the hair algae problem. Of course, customers are more likely to buy when the tanks look great. And StartSmart Complete makes my tanks look 80% better - with 20% of the maintenance!
- Ted Pino, Tropical Haven Modesto, CA
We use Freshwater and Saltwater TLC, plus Super Water Conditioner. Believe it - our maintenance hours are down at least 10 hours per week, while our display tanks look 50% better. We strongly recommend TLC In-Store gallons!
- Perry Homer, Just Fish Bear, DE
We use TLC In-Store gallons, and our tanks look 100% better than before we began TLC use. If you are serious about your business, you need to give TLC In- Store gallons a try.
- Scott Dalleinne, The Pet Barn Franklin Square, NY
TLC gives us HUGE maintenance savings. We spend 25 fewer hours per week on our display tanks than without TLC In-Store gallons. And the tanks look great, better than ever
- Bob Gallo, House of Tropical Fish Bradenton, FL
We use both Fresh and Saltwater In- Store gallons with great success. With less sludge, algae, and faster cycling, our required tank maintenance is down 20 hours per week. We love the TLC product.
- Scott Patton, Personal Touch Princeton, WV
With TLC gallons, our tanks cycle in just 1 to 3 days. What a great tool! The time savings is remarkable, the fish are healthier, and water changes are reduced 50%. Convenience with TLC is hard to beat.
- David Martenz, Keyes Kritters Key Largo, FL
Before TLC, we lost about 100 fish for every 1,000 we brought in. Now, with TLC In-Store gallons, mortality is reduced 90%! That is ahuge savings!
- Diane Dfefferle, Lakeshore Aquatics Ludington, MI

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