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Wow. It took a little time for this to work but compared to the last few years, our pond looks amazing. I’m not afraid to go away for a week and return to algae coverage. 
- Virginia J., South Carolina
VERY happy with results of Farm Pond Treatment. We have a 1/2 acre family pond that has experienced consistent algae and sludge problems over the last 5-6 years as new development in the area has changed drainage patterns. Our advise = read all directions including double dose to start and patience. 
- Brent M., Ohio
We had great success with the farm pond treatment kit. After many failed attempts and multiple chemical treatments, and hundreds of dollars, we decided to give TLC farm pond treatment a try. We saw results in approximately 5-6 days. We only treated our pond once last year. It could have used probably 1-2 more treatments for the whole season but our original vendor was always out. Nice to see we can order straight from the company. 
- Kristen, B., Germantown, OH
My third year using Farm Pond treatment. Starting to see bottom of pond and smell has been gone for a while. 
- Bill H., New Jersey
Great product, my farm pond is on its way to being cleared of algae and decaying leave matter. I also use it on my Koi pond with outstanding results!!
- Larry T, Chesapeake, VA
Great products. Pond perfect is just that.
- Myles F.
We have a ten acre lake and this stuff if amazing! Cleared things up in no time!!
- Trent W., Tyler, TX
Good product, great job.
- Amazon Customer aek7vk
I have managed my pond for 6 years now had inherited a known clarity and muck problem. There are many products on the market and they are mostly quite pricey. This product mixes effectiveness at a cost that doesn't hurt as much as the others out there. With these products, you have to use them over time. They are not a one time or one bottle fix. I noticed the gas release in the first week of use and knew it was eating at the muck. Water clarity takes time and it depends on how bad your pond is. I'm 12 boxes into treatment and not disappointed. I will treat all through this warm season, at 4 boxes a month. If you aren't using is for 90 days or more, and dosed it properly, you probably aren't going to get the results you are hoping for. I 4 stared this because I always want things to cost less and not have to take time to work. I also understand the things that are out there that are more aggressive to use, I don't want to spend that money on and worry about their other effects on my pond.
- Amazon Customer dsnowgod
It worked GREAT! We will be buying this again!
- Grace L Arnold
We tried every different type of chemical and spent thousands of dollars over the years to try and remove the algae, crayfish, and smell but it never worked. I did one Farm Pond treatment towards the end of the summer in 2017 and within two weeks, the smell was completely gone and within a month and a half, I noticed the algae had gone down and our sprinkler system was a lot more efficient and had a ton of pressure. This is the first time that our pond didn't stink. We will be continuing to use Farm Pond Treatment and highly recommend anyone to try this if you are having similar issues with your pond or lake. We will never be treating our farm pond with anything other than this all natural product. The company (TLC Products) was extremely helpful in explaining what the product was and how it worked and just overall had a great experience with everyone. View Full Case Study »
- Steve, Green Prairie International, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
As a rancher and producer our number one priority is a healthy abundant water supply for our livestock. With a recent drought year (2017), it became an even greater priority to ensure our livestock had a sufficient source of water and a safe source. The other concern is using a safe product to treat water without having to remove that source from livestock consumption during treatment or risking further contamination from other treatments. After one treatment with Farm Pond Treatment there was a significant decrease of algae blooms and difference in the clarity of our dugout water. We didn’t have to remove the livestock from the pasture as this product is safe to be consumed with no risk to our animals, not to mention it is super easy to install. I would highly recommend using Farm Pond Treatment on any water source.
- Amanda Farnsworth, AAT, EPt. Family Ranch and Environmental Consultant, Swift Current, SK

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