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Justin Vivado, used it in his dirty feeder gold fish tank that had ammonia problems. Within two days the ammonia and nitrite were gone, and he did not lose any fish. Normally, he loses 25% or more of every batch.
- Justin Vivado, Petland, Arlington Heights, IL
Rob Butler used StartSmart in a saltwater problem tank with persistent high nitrites. StartSmart solved the nitrite problem in 48 hours when nothing else worked for months.
- Rob Butler, The Fish Store, Seattle, WA
Rose, the manager of Trio Pet Shop, used StartSmart Freshwater in a 20 gallon feeder tank with twenty, one-inch goldfish in it. Prior to StartSmart use, ammonia was near toxic level (more than 1 ppm), and had been at that level for weeks despite water changes and use of competing bacterial products.  However, within 24 hours of StartSmart addition, the ammonia level was at 0, nitrites were at 0 and nitrates were around 15 ppm, showing a dramatic conversion of toxic ammonia into non-toxic nitrate. Two days later the nitrates were negligible. Rose said the fish are doing great, and that this was the fastest she has ever experienced in cycling a tank.
- Rose, Trio Pet Shop, Vincennes, IN
Jonathon set up a new 75 gallon holding tank using StartSmart. He put his entire fish load in and added StartSmart. StartSmart cycled completely in 24 hours.
- Jonathan - Aquarium Dreams, Houston, TX
Rob Williams used StartSmart in a new freshwater tank. To his amazement, StartSmart cycled completely in one day.
- Rob Williams, Clearwater Aquatics & Pet Center, Hanover Park, IL
Octavio set up a new tank and to his surprise it cycled all the way through in 24 hours. He says it saved him about 3 hrs of testing plus test kit supplies.
- Octavio, Suburban Pet City, Oak Park, IL
Bob put a dose of chemical clarifier into his reef tank, and the chemical did severe damage to his reef tank. One dose of StartSmart brought the reef tank back online in 24 hours, with no further problems.
- Bob Woodhouse, Aquarium Shop, Kalispell, MT

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