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It worked wonders! We have a small pond in our back yard and I was having a lot of trouble getting it to clear up until I found Pond Perfect! I can't believe how well it worked and how quickly! 
- Tracy G., Ohio
Pond Perfect is our best-selling bacteria to homeowners & pond professionals looking to maintain a clean and healthy pond! We encourage all pond owners to use Pond Perfect. You'll be happy with the results.
- The Water Shed Crew
Our customers love Pond Perfect. It works as advertised and leaves ponds looking great. Our customers cannot get enough of it and we have to constantly restock the shelves.
- Falling Water Designs
Works very well at keeping my 1200 gallon pond relatively clear, even with messy turtles!
- Amazon Customer ahyr5t
Been using Pond Perfect with Eco Sock for our 3000 gallon water feature for 1-1/2 seasons with excellent results.  Provides excellent clarity and a healthy environment for fish, frogs and plants. 
- David S, Bowling Green, KY
This was the first spring/summer we used TLC Products, and we can see all nine koi fish now. Kids are excited to see the bottom this year.
- Bill Higgins, Hampton, NJ
Works like a dream to clear the pond water of suspended particles and algae. String algae may still form on the rocks out of the pond (in the waterfall), but can be removed with a power washer or hose spray if it gets too thick (I did not add to the pond every week since the water was so clear -- if I had, it may have controlled the rock algae even better). Great all in one product.
- Amazon Customer painle
I have used this product before. Works really well in my Koi pond and people often ask how I keep my water so clear.
- Amazon Customer agwfmg
Works very well, priced right, shipped on time, damage free, will buy again.
- Amazon Customer afskhh
Works great in my small pond (approx. 600 gallons and 4 fish).
- Amazon Customer agntvq
I got this because of sludge in biological filter. Pond Perfect aids in keeping water clear in Florida. Algae forms quickly and this product aids in eliminating pond waste quickly. Satisfied with product.
- Amazon Customer afv3zd
This stuff really works and goes a long ways. The water was so cloudy. Fish were breathing at the surface until it cleared up the water in about a day or two.
- Gene
We had tried so many products for our Koi pond and my husband ran across a man and he recommended this product. It cleaned our pond and we will continue buying this product.
- Sandra Wilson
PondPerfect is a great water clarifier for fish ponds!
- Kenneth Westbrook
Keeps our pond clear, now just need to figure out a way to get rid of the algae on the waterfall area
- Christopher J. Thomas
This has been a godsend for my two outdoor fishponds--the only thing I have found that really will control algae.
- Cora Moon
Pond is clearer than ever and all flora and fauna are happy as well
- Elvye
Cleared my koi pond when I was having trouble finding something that would work. Keeps it clear.
- Theresa Greene
Recommended by my pond care expert for weekly use to clear the pond of debris. This is the only pond treatment I use.
- Eileen S.
I have what started out to be a smaller lined 'decorative' pond but ended up being 40'x60', average depth of 4', and approx. 20,000 gal. I am in my 3rd full summer and have used nothing but Pond Perfect. ONLY because this was the only one I found I could afford for my size pond! Most every treatment out there is for the small ponds (500-1000 gal.) And yes, would love to be able to buy 1 gallon of the pricier stuff and have it last me April-October like so many can but found Pond Perfect not only isn't killing me financially but if it didn't work my pond would have to be in a horrible state by now. It's clean, clear, no odor, no algae problems (as of yet), muck stays at a minimum (I do work hard keeping leaves/pine needles out being we are in middle of woods) and no fish loss ever and we swim in it all the time. Hope this post maybe helps just one person with a larger lined pond like me. Just remember, if you already have a problem you need to apply more than the maintenance dosage before seeing results as with any treatment!
- Lisa Bussell
First, let me say I'm not a marine biologist, chemical engineer, own stock or an employee of PondPerfect. Hell, I didn't even take high school chemistry. But, I have had a few ponds and I've owned a couple of saltwater tanks so I did get an on the job crash training on man made artificial environments. I usually don't write reviews but I read a lot of them before I purchase so I felt I should start helping others if I can.

I read several reviews where there was catastrophic results in using this product and one who said, " the product was cloudy". The cloudiness is due to being live enzymes in the product and that's how it works. I always shake mine to get a good suspension before measuring for usage. Seems to work well for me.

I've been using this product for several months now to help control hair algae, green/ dark cloudiness of water, and the nasty swamp odor. The product works very well. No, the hair algae is not eradicated but it is much more manageable. The clarity of the water is wonderful! I can see all the way to the bottom of the 4' depth. There is no longer any swampy odor at all. I do use this product every week for my 7,000 gal pond.

Now, my very limited experience with atrifical water environments, through word of mouth, reading documents and tri and error, has taught me that any changes must be gradual. As I'm sure your aware, when you introduce new fish to your aquatic home, it should be done gradually. Well, when you change your established enviornment with marine l life that has been living there for some time, it needs to be done gradually. Any drastic, instant change is going to shock the whole living environment and kill most things. Maybe it's my location, filtration, water turn over rate, size of pond, my daily fussing with the system, the type and amount of fish and plants I have, the alignment of the stars or something I did right in a previous life but the produce works very well for me.

Get advise from local specialist in your area if you have one. Take a water sample to get it tested. Read several articles, not just one, from experts that work or practice, (notice that is just like the human medical field, "practice", because no one still knows what's going on with God's creation), in your area or similar climate before you jump in and make drastic changes.

I hope this was helpful to someone.
- Mark K. Kucera
It really works; I was surprised I've been using it every week for about a year. I have clear water, healthy plants and HAPPY FISH !! I will continue to use it. I would recommend. :)
- Judy G.
We had not used PondPerfect 30010 Multi Purpose BiologicalPond Treatment 32oz. and it did as described on the info on the bottle. We did have to use it more than once as out pond is the size of a standard swimming pool. An average 500 gallon to 1000 gallon pond would use one bottle. Our water became clear, and smelled as it should in no time when we followed the instructions.
- Nancy H.
The best pond cleaning product I have used. I use it in conjunction with Algae Off. Those are the only two cleaning products I need. The combination keeps the pond ingood shape.
- S. Cox
I'm pretty sure I've posted a review on this before. This stuff just plain works. Use it in your outdoor pond during the warm months. Don't feed your fish and keep a lot of filtering plants in the water and your pond will stay clean the entire season.
- Chris Mayhew
Our 8-acre lake had not responded well to copper and herbicide treatments in the past, so we used PondPerfect Large Pond Treatment beginning May 4, 2012. Just as predicted by the manufacturer, we have seen algae turn brown and then disappear over just 8 weeks, and the odor problems are completely gone. I recommend this solution to anyone with a large pond in need of algae reduction or odor reduction. 
- Steve Amos, Site Mananger, Johnson Controls / Pfizer Inc, 8 Acre Lake In Lincoln, NE
I have used this product for 4 years now, and it has always eliminated algae in my ponds. Not only has PondPerfect solved the algae problem, but it has solved my sludge issues as well.
- Ken Giesler, Sandy Hollow Golf Course, Rockford, IL
I love the clarity PondPerfect provides for my ponds. Nothing has ever worked better on algae. Not only does it solve the algae problem, but it knocks out pond odors fast. I strongly recommend this product.
- Mike Hawley, Sligo Golf Course, Rockville, MD
I am very experienced in all types of pond management, and PondPerfect really performs. I highly recommend it.
- Robert Townsend, Quality Turf Management, Carson City, NV
This product has allowed my pond and fish to be balanced, healthy, and happy all through the hot and sunny summer months!
- Baylee
We have used this product before. It keeps our small backyard pond clear all year long. It out performs other products we have tried.
- Jim Kramer
Cleared pond up in 3 days noticeable. 1 week saw 30 inches deep. Skipped a week had it a month now. My pond is about 4-500 gallons.
- Don
I'm sure the people giving the reviews less than two starts either didn't follow directions or used another product that countered this because this is by far the best out there. Been using is for years and I also use it in my fish tanks inside. My fish, tanks and ponds LOVE this.
- Riley
I got good results with PondPerfect for clearing up my ponds and reducing algae. The product worked very well. PondPerfect helped a lot in reducing pond odors. I recommend it.
- Art Fichas, Ridgemont Country Club. Rochester, NY
I have used PondPerfect in our ponds since 2005, and it has worked well each and every year. That is a great track record. PondPerfect stops foul pond odors. No question about it.
- John Cooper, Hewood Homstead Golf Course. Rockford, IL
I liked the way PondPerfect worked…even in my very shallow ponds. PondPerfect did a great job stopping our pond odors.
- John Wahl, Lakewood Golf Course. Georgetown, OH
I really like the PondPerfect product. Environmentally sound…and it works great to reduce algae in our ponds. Odor control with PondPerfect is excellent. Pond odors are stopped fast. Yes, the PondPerfect really digested sludge. It saved plenty of maintenance time.
- Dan Kik, Thorn Apple Golf Club. Kalamazoo, MI
Its true, PondPerfect removes all types of algae from my ponds. Whenever we had foul pond odors, they were quickly eliminated with PondPerfect. We see excellent sludge reduction in our golf ponds with this product.
- John Balinitine, Lacoma Golf Course. East Dubuque, IL
The product really knocks the algae down in my ponds. I love the fact that it works so well without being toxic. I have seen excellent odor reduction in my ponds. PondPerfect is great stuff. The sludge reduction from PondPerfect Golf Pond Treatment is a great benefit. It works as advertised.
- Bill Springsirth, Cluster Spires Golf Course. Frederick, MD
PondPerfect worked very well in our small ponds. I recommend it strongly.
- Paul Schaefer, Prairie Isle Golf Club. Crystal Lake, IL
We used PondPerfect for algae and it worked as advertised. I recommend this product. PondPerfect eliminates pond odors as advertised. Sludge digestion was great with your PondPerfect product.
- Bernie Beavan, Brenton Bay Golf & Country Club. Leonardtown, MD
Your product is really easy to apply. My lake looks great, and the price is very reasonable. You give me the control I need over algae problems, and I thank you! Your product does such a great job on algae that my intake filters are never clogged. That alone is worth the cost of the product.
- Tim Lohsey, Sandcreek Golf Club. Idaho Falls, ID
Your product works really well. For me, it keeps the algae out of sight. Your product absolutely eliminates pond odors. Thank you for providing an excellent tool for odor control. Using this product keeps my intake filters clean. It really cuts down on maintenance hours.
- Keith Scaife, Loudon Meadows Golf Club. Fostera, OH
Your PondPerfect product reduces algae to negligible traces. I am very impressed. Your PondPerfect product quickly stops foul pond odors. No doubt about it, PondPerfect gets rid of sludge build up in my ponds.
- Hall Atkinson, Chester Golf Club. Chester, SC
I really like the PondPerfect product. Environmentally sound…and it works great to reduce algae in our ponds. Odor control with PondPerfect is excellent. Pond odors are stopped fast. Yes, the PondPerfect really digested sludge. It saved plenty of maintenance time.
- Apple Golf Club. Kalamazoo, MI
I recommend this product because it is easy to use, and I love the beautiful, clear, algae free ponds I have with PondPerfect. PondPerfect stopped foul odors in our static ponds. That is a huge benefit. Definitely, PondPerfect reduces sludge in our ponds.
- Chuck Fogle, University Golf Club & Conference. University Park, IL
Your Golf Pond Treatment has worked great in my ponds. I recommend it. PondPerfect stopped the foul pond odors that have been a nuisance for years. It really keeps the filters working much longer, which means less maintenance.
- Brad Roush, Valley View Golf & Swim Club. Lancaster, OH
Pond Perfect is our best selling bacteria to homeowners & pond professionals looking to maintain a clean and healthy pond! We encourage all pond owners to use Pond Perfect, stop in and give it a try! You'll be happy with the results.
- The Water Shed Inc
Here at Falling Water Designs our customers love Pond Perfect. It works as advertised and leaves ponds looking great. Our customers cannot get enough of it and we have to constantly restock the shelves
- Rick Perry - Falling Water Designs
PondPerfect really held the algae back. It worked very well.
- Bob Nichol, Van Schaick Island Country Club. Cohoes, NY
When I have algae problems, I can depend on PondPerfect to clear the problems up straight away. It’s a very good product. PondPerfect does a very good job reducing sludge in my ponds.
- Robert Cambell, Green Tree Country Club. Midland, TX
PondPerfect SuperConcentrate worked very well to reduce algae in my pond. I am very pleased with the product. I have used the product for sludge reduction in my ponds, and it works.
- Tim Heeny, The Idaho Club. Sandpoint, ID
We use this in all our problem ponds. PondPerfect does a great job in reducing algae and sludge. Plus, PondPerfect keeps our intake filters clean. It saves many hours of maintenance time and I regret not using it sooner!
- Tom Green, Country Club of Orangeburg, Orangeburg, SC
Despite a lot of rain, PondPerfect worked very well in our ponds to eliminate algae. Pond odors were gone within a week of adding PondPerfect. It’s a great product for stopping pond odor. Your PondPerfect product definitely worked well on our sludgy ponds.
- Tony Stepka, St. Clair River Country Club. St. Clair, MI
Your product gives me the algae reduction that I need. I recommend it highly as easy to use, reasonably priced, and very effective.
- Richard, Pine Lake Country Club. Charlotte, NC

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