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My family and I moved to the mountains of Utah from Southern California and had no experience with septic tanks or their proper care. After a few years (and even after a pumping), the smell of rotten eggs was overpowering in our front yard. We tried the so-called septic maintenance products available in our supermarket, but nothing worked. We were at our wits' end and after doing Internet research we became certain we were in for a $10,000+ bill from a septic maintenance company. Then I met the people from Septic Medic. What they told me sounded too good to be true, but I was willing to try anything. It has now been about three months since we started using Septic Medic, and the results have been incredible. The rotten egg smell is gone, even after periods of heavy rain, snowfall, and snow melt. In the past, I cringed every time it started to snow because I knew I'd have to endure the stench of our septic tank. Now, I delight in every snow storm and all I think about is how soon I can get my skis and head to the slopes. Thank you, Septic Medic, for getting my septic system working properly again.
- David Bernstein, Park City, UT
My customers purchase about 200 cases a year of Septic Medic. The product is very effective eliminating sulfide odors, digesting sludge, and really keeps the tanks working great. I strongly recommend this product to anyone selling plumbing supplies.
- Mike Murphy, Central Florida Septic, Groveland, FL
I have used every product out there, and Septic Medic is the best. Not only does it handle normal septic problems with ease, but it also is tremendous in breaking down grease and fats. I have used it personally to breakdown Volkswagens-full of grease. This is a great product.
- Chris Nelson, Morrow and Son’s, Santa Rosa, CA
I love this product. Just above my backyard deck, I have a vent which used to disturb my dinner guests. With your product, the odors are finally gone. It is really a great product for stopping foul septic odors!
- Leroy Hutchinson, Hammondsport, NY
I have to admit, the product really works. It breaks down odors, grease and sludge like nothing else.
- John, Owner, Norm’s Sanitation, Ironton, OH
Your product really performs as advertised. It works fantastic in septic tanks and in outdoor sludge pits and portable toilets. I have carried this product for years, and will never offer my customers anything else. Thank you for making a septic additive that really works.
- Jerry Brown, Owner, B-3 Enterprises, Loomis, CA
When you first offered me this product, I used it first in my own septic tank. I was amazed, as the tank went from needing a good pump-out down to pristine shape. All within about 6 weeks. This is the best sludge product I have seen in 30 years of business. I don’t use or sell any other product.
- Jim Cye, Greene’s Sanitary Svc. Greene, NY

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