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Awesome Product with no equivalent on the Market...I Dose Weekly...My Tanks and fish Prosper! 
- Richard B., Florida
I have been using the Freshwater StartSmart Complete for 5 years now. It is hands down the best cycling product available. I am going to try the instant cycle next and use the complete for maintenance during large water changes.
- Phillip, W., Los Angeles
LOVE this! We've used this in all of our tanks (12 that we currently have freshwater, also love their saltwater formula!) and it has worked famously every time! No complaints only praise for this amazing product! It's saved us a lot of money when it comes to throw fear of loosing fish when cycling!
- Amazon Customer aevswy
Amazing product does exactly what it is suppose to do. Never lost a fish when using this product. Would highly recommend.
- Ryan Smith
This is great stuff, better than Cycle. It eliminated the excess waste and fixed the cloudy water that I had. I have a 60 gallon cylindrical type tank that is near impossible to get to the bottom of to vacuum so I rely on bacterial cleaning like this. I have a 9 yr old Red Cap Oranda who seems to be thriving so I must be doing something right. I have an 11 yr old Comet, I originally bought him to cycle this tank, they told me back then that he would probably not make it, well he did and I didn't have the heart to dispose of him, he outgrew his tank really fast and is now in my backyard small 200 gallon pond and he's doing great too. I am in Rhode Island and it's cold but the heater keeps him and his roommates warm.
- Chi-Chi, Cranston, RI
Works great for my tank. It is actually essential in keeping my tank clean.
- Marcel Zammer
This Start Smart Complete Is Must Have For Any New Aquarium.
- Darileen Wallace
Looks like it does the job of removing nitrates and getting the water stable for the fish to live comfortably.
- Amazon Customer nkbear
Cycles the tank in 24-48 hours. I started multiple smaller (5-15 G) tanks with Apistogramma sp. which are known to be very sensitive to any water impurities... "Zero" fish loss. No ammonia or nitrites were detectable beyond 48 hours, in the first few days might cause trace amount of - false ammonia reading, but after 48-72 hours this usually disappears. If you detect ammonia beyond this timeframe, it is probably real and you probably put too many fish too fast in your tank, without letting your biologic filtration build up first. I purchased it from the LFS first, but will continue order it on Amazon and use it with every new fish tank setup.

Of note: I also soaked my biologic filter media in this product, before installing my external filter, I'm not sure if that was of any added benefit, but sounded a logical thing to do.
- Robi
I didn't buy this from amazon but from my LFS. First off I was skeptical that this bottle could hold living bacteria being left on a shelf for months in room temp but boy was I wrong. I added 1.5ppm ammonia to a new tank along with this product and less than 12 hours later I now have 0.5 ppm ammonia with 0.5 ppm nitrite and around 10 ppm nitrate! 

Less than 12 hours and my fishless cycle is almost complete! Unbelievable.

By the way, I only used half the product for my filtered, 78 degree 2.6 gallon tank so that could be a factor in why it was so quick.
- Amazon Customer boots
I tried StartSmart in a fresh water tank that constantly ran with high ammonia levels. Added SmartStart. on Friday, tested sat afternoon and found zero ammonia, for the first time in months.
- Lexanne Hall, City Zoo Pets & Supplies, Walla Walla, WA
I used StartSmart in a tank with live rock, within one day the live rock was 50% cured. It was the first time that had ever happened. I never had a product perform like StartSmart did.
- Chris, manager - Aquarium Arts Mesa, AZ
I used StartSmart in a live rock set up. StartSmart cured the live rock in seven days, where it typically takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks. Thanks to StartSmart I can safely cure all of my future live rock in a short period of time.
- Mike Peters, Paradise Pet Center, Lake Hausau City, AZ
Eddie Cantu tried StartSmart on his fresh water feeder tank. He normally stocks 250 fish, and will lose 30% of them. Eddie added the standard StartSmart dose. In his first StartSmart trial he lost only 14% of his fish. He did a second trial and lost no fish at all. We keep Eddie supplied with StartSmart for all of his store needs, and it saves him a lot of money and effort.
- Eddie Cantu, Sharks Cove Pet Shop, Sterling, IL
Lauren gave some of her in-store supply of StartSmart to two important customers to use in their tanks. The customers brought back the water from their tanks for Lauren to check and test their water. The tests showed zero ammonia and nitrite. This solved her some of her loyal customer’s problems. We keep Lauren supplied with In-Store StartSmart as needed.
- Lauren Ware - Fish & More Georgetown, KY
I have a working fish room with 85 tanks and am frequently asked to test new products.  I evaluated StartSmart Complete and its cycling ability, and conclude that StartSmart Complete worked as advertised.  Getting the Nitrogen Cycle established is key to success with an aquarium, and StartSmart Complete gets the cycle going instantly!
- David Lass, Aquarium Expert
StartSmart was independently tested and the results were published in the September, 2010 issue of Aquarium Fish International. StartSmart performed exactly as claimed by the manufacturer, and it provided the bacteria for the nitrogen cycle to work from the moment it was introduced into the tank.
- David Lass, Fish Expert
When using StartSmart Complete for freshwater or saltwater, we have experienced a remarkable improvement in clarity, water chemistry and a significant reduction in losses of livestock. For example, we set up a new store and used StartSmart, filled our tanks with livestock 2 days later and have never had an ammonia spike, whereas the old store without StartSmart had constant problems.
- Michael Peryer - Aqua Fever, New Zealand
I tried your StartSmart Complete in my 166 gallon system. I added 200 fish and in only a day or two it was completely cycled. The water was crystal clear and all the fish were totally healthy.
- Roy Regensburger owner - Fish Factory Bristol, PA
StartSmart Complete works Fantastic! I put 500 goldfish in a 40 gallon tank and in just a few days no ammonia or nitrate existed in the tank. We are still amazed at the way your product has worked.
- Bill Wilson owner - Washington Pet Shop Bangor, PA
I have been setting up tanks at various locations around Providence for years. One of the latest was a setup at a local Elementary School. Goldfish tanks in schools are always a challenge, as school kids often overfeed the fish. I used StartSmart in the setup, and in my experience I have never seen a tank cycle as fast or stay cycled and balanced as well as this tank has!
- George Gulart owner - Aqua-Life Aquariums Providence, RI
StartSmart Complete is an excellent product. Our customers have told us that it works in 24 hours like the product claims. It has also been safe for fish. We then advise our customers to use the TLC Optimizer to maintain the results.  Our customers are using StartSmart correctly with our guidance and will complain when we run out of TLC products because it works so well.
- Dan Yaich, owner - Jim Thorpe Pet Center Jim Thorpe, PA
We really love StartSmart Complete. We used it to cycle our own tanks and it worked great! Our customers keep buying it for their new tank set-ups. Thank you for having a product that works for us and our customers.
- Tom Sadowski, owner - Pet City Seabrook, NH
StartSmart Complete is a wonderful product! We use it in both our saltwater and freshwater systems. It's an easy product to recommend because it works.
- Eric DeShields fish specialist - Worldwide Aquarium Philadelphia, PA
I used StartSmart Complete in a 2.5 gallon freshwater tank and in 1 hour the tank was completely cycled. this stuff is amazing!
- Kevin Caskey, owner - Animal House Cynthana, KY
Many of our customers have used StartSmart with great results. We recommend customers use StartSmart when setting up a new tank and with the introduction of new fish. StartSmart does a great job in removing ammonia and nitrites. No complaints at all!
- Nick Angy, owner - Poseidon Aquarium Daytona Beach, FL
It works great! I used StartSmart Complete in a 10 gallon tank with 30 swordfish and didn't lose one! The water never clouded up, it was perfect. It's great for helping my customers start tanks right out of the gate.
- Brian Boyle, aquatic specialist - Fish Bowl Pet Express Temple TX
We have been stocking StartSmart at The Animal Shack since June 2006 and our sales have grown very nicely over that period. The Animal Shack is located south of Auckland and we have a large Aquarium room in store. I have seen great results from the range of products and customer feedback has been great. It is also nice to know TLC is a safe product to use and that it doesn’t harm fish as it is natural and has no chemicals. I have also seen firsthand how good StartSmart is as I have had a tank with very high ammonia and was amazed with how quickly it can remove it from a tank (just a day to remove ammonia that had persisted for 3 months without StartSmart). I recommend StartSmart to my customers and to any other person wanting advice.
- Bruce Theobald, Owner - Animal Shack, Auckland, New Zealand
I used it in my gold fish tank which had a severe ammonia problem. One standard StartSmart dose eliminated all ammonia in just 24 hours.
- Angelia Risley, Angie's Aquatic Atrium, Morris, IL
I tested StartSmart Complete on a food grade coldwater lobster system for the Beau Rivage-Biloxi Hotel and Casino and was impressed.  The system had 4 tanks with 100 gallons each and contained 75 lobsters.  StartSmart Complete worked great and the ammonia levels dropped quickly.
- Brian Klein owner - Legs, Fins & More Biloxi, MS
StartSmart is selling great and my customers are happy so I know it's working well.
- Alex Yeung, Owner - Pet Pro Bangor, ME
You have a great, new innovative product specifically designed to start tanks instantly.  I let my customers do my talking for me.  Yes, your product works great!  Not one of my customers has complained about its' performance.  This speaks volumes for StartSmart.  Keep up the good work and we will be doing business for a very long time.
- Lester Boisvert, owner - Animal City Vernon City, CT
We really push StartSmart.  We sold to some of our customers, they took it home and came right back for more.  One customer had a very high ammonia count and StartSmart brought it down to zero.  We will be ordering StartSmart from now on!
- Brian Vansen, owner - Oceans & Seas Roseville, MI
I tested Freshwater StartSmart Complete in a 20 gallon tank filled with Gourami's and Tetra's and within 24 hours my tank was completely cycled.  I am now a huge fan of StartSmart Complete and I know my customers are going to love it as much as I do.  It's nice to know that there is finally a product on the market that does what it says it will.
- John Rodiguez owner - Animal Pantry Jamaica, NY
I used StartSmart Complete to start up a 125 gallon display tank in our store.  On the first day I started with 3 Cichlids and by the second day I put 7 more Cichlids and they were all approximately 6" long.  The tank was fully cycled the next day without a problem.  I was very impressed with StartSmart Complete."
- Molly Henry general manager - Pet Lover's Warehouse Columbia, SC
I used StartSmart Complete in my system that had many upsets that caused fish loss.  One StartSmart Complete dose into my system brought down my ammonia count to safe levels and we experienced no fish loss whatsoever.  Thank you for a product that works.
- Fay Glover general manager - Jolly's Reef Shack Jacksonville, FL
I have been in the fish business for a very long time and I think StartSmart Complete is a wonderful product!  I tested StartSmart Complete in two different tanks, 20 and 29 gallons.  I added 250 Goldfish to the 20 gallon tank and 1,000 Goldfish to the 29 gallon tank.  I put new filters into each tank and within 12 hours both tanks were at 1 part per million.  I went home for the night and when I came back the next day;  both tanks were completely cycled.  I was amazed!  In all the years of being in the fish hobby, I have never seen fish tanks cycle that fast!
- Ron Steckley owner - Steckley's Pet Center Newport, PA
I love StartSmart Complete!  I tested Freshwater StartSmart Complete in my feeder Goldfish tank that had a huge ammonia spike due to the massive amount of fish added and StartSmart Complete cycled my feeder tank in 15 hours.  There was no trace of ammonia or nitrite when I tested my tank the next day.  StartSmart Complete is an amazing product!
- Gailynn Clements owner - Tropical Fish n More Belen, NM
I tested saltwater StartSmart Complete in one of my 29 gallon Bio Cube tanks with a heavy fish load and was able to cycle the tank within 48 hours of dosing only one time.  Over the last year or so, I have tested other products like StartSmart Complete and clearly there is no comparison.  StartSmart Complete is the champion in my store.
- Cathy Billings owner - Blue Reef Exotic Fish Humble, TX

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