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Video Gallery

To learn more about TLC Products and the all-natural products we manufacture in the United States, view the videos below. Our videos contain information about our company and our products as well as the reviews that professional aquatic companies and users have left for our products.

About TLC Products

TLC Products creates all-natural, 100% chemical free products to keep aquatic systems healthy. Our products range in use from aquariums and septic tanks to ponds and lakes. Keep water clear in your fish tank and eliminate odors and sludge in septic tanks and ponds. All products are made in the USA and shipped worldwide for better water maintenance.

Pond Products

For your pond maintenance, trust TLC Products' Farm Pond Treatment for a cost-effective and natural way to reduce pond sludge and eliminate odors. This product is made from a live probiotic and uses no harsh chemicals, making it safe for animals and aquatic life. Farm Pond Treatment includes liquid Pond Perfect and a slow-release Eco-Sock to fully dose your pond for maximum effect.

Review from Aquatic Start

Check out this review from Joe at Aquatic Start. He's been using StartSmart Complete on his fish tanks for years to solve problems like algae and poor water clarity. Not only that, StartSmart Complete also maintains the nitrification and denitrification compounds in your aquarium. StartSmart Complete is available for both saltwater fish tanks and freshwater fish tanks.

Review from Kalan Guillory

For new aquarium cycling, Kalan Guillory recommends StartSmart Complete. Check out his product review here. See how StartSmart Complete worked to cycle his new fish tank and got rid of all of the ammonia in one day.

Review from The Fish Factory

Mark from The Fish Factory showcases StartSmart Complete for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. StartSmart Complete cycles any new fish tank and reduces maintenance needs with weekly dosing. No refrigeration required for StartSmart Complete and it has a two-year shelf life. He also explains what StartSmart Complete looks like and the effects the bacteria will have on instantly cycling your tank or for routine aquarium maintenance.

Review from Buckeye Frags

This video from Buckeye Frags shows the effectiveness of StartSmart Complete on instantaneous cycling and weekly maintenance of a 625-gallon fish tank. StartSmart Complete is 100% chemical free and safe to use with your aquarium plants and aquatic life. TLC Products manufactures StartSmart Complete in the USA.

Review from The Fish Room

This review of StartSmart Complete shows how effective this instant tank cycling and maintenance product is on ammonia and nitrate. StartSmart Complete is a live nitrifying bacteria that improves the quality and clarity of your fish tank's water. See the results on this fish tank from just a few days use of the cycling set up in this video.