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ACF Increases Your Crop Yield and Profits

Function-focused Bacteria to Rapidly Enhance Your Soil and Plant Health

ACF-SR is a mixture of beneficial, living microorganisms that have been shown to effectively amend soil to increase root structure and overall plant growth. The bacteria that make up ACF-SR microorganisms are naturally occurring and unmodified. Proper use of ACF has proven to increase crop yield by 20% through rapidly enhancing the soil and plant health.

  • ACF-SR
  • ACF-SR is an aqueous (liquid) product that includes six species of ACF plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB), and is extra concentrated compared to our RTU formula.
  • ACF-SRP is a powdered blend of ACF plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) plus food grade nutrients. ACF-SRP contains spray-dried PGPB, and has a 5 year shelf life.
  • ACF-SR-RTU is an aqueous (liquid) product that includes six species of ACF plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB), and is specially formulated as a “ready-to-use” product.
  • ACF-AgKit
  • The ACF-AgKit is your tool for maximum effectiveness with the best economy. The ACF-AgKit is intended for larger farms from about 10 acres up to many thousands of acres.

We Guarantee Successful Results

Risk-Free Performance Warranty

Only TLC Products offers the ACF Performance Warranty for use of its products at your farm. We are offering this program for a limited time. When you accept our Proposal for ACF use with the ACF Performance Warranty, your payment depends on the product success. We are able to offer this program because of the proven results that our products achieve when properly prepared and dosed to your crops.

With our exclusive ACF Performance Warranty, you do not pay unless you are satisfied with the product’s performance. We provide a tailored ACF Performance Warranty specific to your needs with exact products, quantities, timing & procedures.

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Proven Successful Results

Improve Your Crop Yield and Plant Growth with ACF

Proper use of our ACF products has proven to boost crop yield. With the key plant growth promoting functions included in all ACF products, the yield will improve at your farm. Results show improvements as high as 20% or above in many situations. In addition farmers using ACF have seen more rapid growth creating a shorter crop cycle. Farmers are also able to reduce fertilizer use significantly with the powerful biofertilizer activity of ACF.

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