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About TLC Products

Inventor and Manufacturer of ACF

TLC Products, Inc. of Westlake, Ohio is the manufacturer of the ACF microbial products for agriculture. These products are exported around the world, and have proven successful in boosting crop yield for farmers from Canada to the EU, the African continent, and Latin America.

TLC Products, Inc. has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing live bacteria products since 1996, and is a global leader in this growing field. Other markets besides commercial agriculture served with our product lines include lake and pond remediation, commercial aquaculture, and improved wastewater purification. All of our products are environmentally beneficial, non-toxic, and non-GMO.

Along with microbial products for boosting crop yield, we offer discounted farm pond treatment for all farmers that are using our microbes for agriculture. Farmers around the USA are solving water clarity, sludge, and odor issues in their ponds with our FarmPond Treatment. When completing your Performance Warranty Request form, you will see an offer for discounted FarmPond Treatment.

TLC Products has received numerous awards, including Small Business Administration Exporter of the Year, the Weatherhead 100 for fastest growing companies in the region, and even a visit to our facility by Karen Mills, former SBA Director and member of the President’s cabinet. See full article here.

Please explore our site to find out why TLC Products are the best bacteria products available. We have the strongest testimonial base in the industry, including reports from academia, 3rd party crop consultants, and farmers around the world.

Our Exclusive ACF Performance Warranty

Only TLC Products offers the ACF Performance Warranty for use of its products at your farm. We are offering this program for the 2023 season. When you accept our Proposal for ACF use with the ACF Performance Warranty, your payment depends on the product success. We offer this program because we know our products work when properly prepared and dosed to your crops.

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Contact Information for Sales, Support, and Distribution

Whatever your question, we have answers! Depending on your location, please address your questions, comments, and concerns as shown below:

Within the United States, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand:
TLC Products, Inc.
26100 1st Street
Westlake, OH  44145

In Canada, please contact:
524 N 200 E
Raymond, AB T0K 2S0, Canada

Outside of North America, Australia, New Zealand:
BluePlanet Labs (Operations Location)
1060 Main St. Suite 203
River Edge, NJ 07661