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Function-focused Bacteria to Improve Plant Health

TLC offers three primary products for commercial agriculture:

Each of these products has a specific role in commercial agriculture. These products are specially formulated to ensure that the vital functions needed to boost crop yield are provided:

  • Biofertilizer Action through nitrogen fixing (N fixing)
  • Biofertilizer Action through phosphorous solubilization (P solubilization)
  • Biofertilizer Action through potassium solubilization (K solubilization, which is particularly important early on during a plant’s growth)
  • Biofertilizer Action through Carbon fixing (C fixing, which is conversion of the greenhouse gas CO2 into bioavailable organic carbon)
  • Root Inoculant action for soil quality and soil health and drought resistance (plant growth hormones)
  • Hydrolytic enzyme production, which provides a variety of nutritional and plant protection benefits
  • Superior plant health which may reduce need for fungicides and pesticides
  • Broad spectrum Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPR) to ensure that microbial diversity is restored, thus promoting soil health and sustainable agriculture

What Makes ACF Products Unique?

Some competing products are a Bacillus root inoculant or Bacillus soil inoculant. While a Bacillus soil inoculant is relatively easy to manufacture and stabilize, Bacillus alone are not enough to boost crop yield consistently enough.

Other competing products have a large number of undisclosed plant growth promoting microbes, PGPB, Trichoderma biofertilizer, etc. The products that contain MANY bacteria and fungal species often do not list their active ingredients: The farmer does not really know what is in the product.

In contrast, TLC discloses the specific PGPB in each of the ACF products, as follows:

Species Present in ACF microbial products from TLC:

ACF microbial products are produced under strict quality control procedures and are tested by 3rd party laboratories to verify the absence of pathogens.

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Ready To Use for Convenience and AgKit Version for Larger Farms

A major advantage of ACF is that versions are available in “ready to use” form for small farms (ACF-SR-RTU) while ACF-SR and ACF-SRP are usually sold as a kit. The ACF-AgKit contains both ACF-SR and ACF-SRP, and for best results and economy, these two products are diluted with water and aerated for 72 hours prior to product use. Only ACF products provide the convenience, shelf life, and economy, all based on your specific needs. For more information on each product, please click here:

ACF-SR is an aqueous (liquid) product that includes six species of ACF plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB), and is extra concentrated compared to our RTU formula.
ACF-SRP is a powdered blend of ACF plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) plus food grade nutrients. ACF-SRP contains spray-dried PGPB, and has a 5 year shelf life.
ACF-SR-RTU is an aqueous (liquid) product that includes six species of ACF plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB), and is specially formulated as a “ready-to-use” product.
The ACF-AgKit is your tool for maximum effectiveness with the best economy. The ACF-AgKit is intended for larger farms from about 10 acres up to many thousands of acres.