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ACF-SR-RTU is an aqueous (liquid) product that includes six species of ACF plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB), and is specially formulated as a “ready-to-use” product. ACF-SR-RTU is stabilized for a 2 year shelf life, and does not require any special preparation prior to use. Always use ACF-SR-RTU within 2 years of its Batch Date, clearly shown on each bottle. ACF-SR-RTU provides the best convenience and great results, particularly for smaller farms.


Proper use ACF-SR-RTU will provide these benefits:

  • Biofertilizer: Nitrogen fixing (N fixation). ACF microbes improve N availability, and may reduce N need with equal or better yield
  • Biofertilizer: Phosphorous solubilization (P solubilization). Only 1 to 3% of P in soil is available to plants. P solubilization by ACF microbes allows for optimal plant growth, and promotes crop quality and uniformity
  • Biofertilizer: Potassium solubilization (K solubilization). K is the third most required plant nutrient, and 3% or less of K in soil is bioavailable. K is particularly needed early in a plant’s growth, making K solubilization by ACF microbes a key function
  • Biofertilizer: Carbon fixing (C fixation). ACF microbes convert the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into bioavailable organic carbon
  • Soil inoculant / root growth. Plant growth hormones supplied by ACF microbes boost root growth and above ground plant growth as appropriate, meaning a healthier plant that is more efficient at taking up nutrients and more drought resistant
  • Hydrolytic Enzymes / Ammonification. Enzyme activity provided by ACF-SR-microbes will convert complex organic materials that are not bioavailable into simpler compounds that your crop can utilize
  • Boost crop yield / increase crop yield. With its biofertilizer activity, plant growth hormone production, and hydrolysis function, ACF microbes will boost crop yield 5 to 20% or more when used as directed

To get the best dose program for your farm and see the benefits available, request your ACF Performance Warranty today.

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When and How to Use:

ACF-SR-RTU is typically used at small farms with < 5 planted acres. ACF-SR-RTU is a ready-to-use formula. Simply shake well, dilute with tap water about 2 to 1 to make spreading the product where needed as efficient as possible.

Best results are obtained when ACF-SR-RTU is applied directly to the root zone. In crops where the root zone remains directly accessible, concentrate the product application there as much as possible.

When applying to field crops or when access to the root zone is not possible, use more dilution water (5 to 10 gallons water per gallon of ACF-SR-RTU). The extra water helps ensure that the product gets down into the rhizosphere / root zone where it is most needed.

General Dosing Times

  • At or before seeding. Prepares the soil for productivity. Promotes germination. Dose at any time before seeding to near germination time to get the crop started off right
  • About 4 to 6 weeks after first dose. Helps ensure nutrient bioavailability and growth hormones are optimal
  • Around the time of flowering or pod production, etc. This is a time of key nutrient partitioning and mobilization. This third dose is optional, but often very important
  • Select crops may benefit from additional dosing. The ACF Performance Warranty for your farm will specify when product should be dosed and at what rates

Typical Field Dose Rates

The usual dose rate for outdoor fields is between 2 to 4 gallons per application. The actual dose rate and frequency of application will vary depending on the specific crop and your specific needs. Regardless of the amount of dilution water used, apply so that 2 to 4 gallons of ACF-SR-RTU are applied per acre per dose. Generally, 2 or 3 doses are recommended per growing season. For greenhouses or hydroponics, special dose rates apply.

To get the best dose program for your farm, request your ACF Performance Warranty today.

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