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Benefits of ACF Microbial Products

5% - 20%+ More Profit through Improved Crop Yield

First and foremost, proper use of ACF will boost crop yield. With the key functions included in all ACF products, the yield will improve at your farm. We always state 5% to 20% yield improvement, but we have actually seen much high in many situations.

Best of all, with the ACF Performance Warranty, you will never lose money, and will be guaranteed a positive return when comparing the cost of ACF vs the increased yield. For details specific to your farm, request your ACF Performance Warranty.

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With "ready-to-use" liquids, liquid concentrate, and powders, we have a product format that gives you the convenience you need.


Whether you have a larger farm (10 to 1000’s of acres), or just want the maximum value, our ACF-AgKit gives the best results at the lowest cost.

Secondary Benefits

While improved crop yield with more profit is the main benefit of ACF use, a variety of benefits are seen by farmers, especially with multi-year treatments. Among those commonly seen:

  • More rapid growth. A shorter crop cycle might add profit to a greenhouse with more batches produced. Or a farmer might beat his peers to market (and get a premium price). More rapid growth can facilitate double cropping (wheat and soybeans for example)
  • Reducing fertilizer use. With the powerful biofertilizer activity of ACF, many farms are able to reduce fertilizer use significantly. For organic farms, use of ACF with its hydrolytic function will make plant hydrolysates, manure, compost, and other organic fertilizers more bioavailable.
  • Better Final Product. Many farms love ACF because it improves the final product. That could mean better BRIX in fruit, more uniform and larger potato size, etc.
  • Improved Plant Health. With a steady supply of bioavailable nutrients, when the crop needs it most, your crop will be healthier, and will more readily resist pathogens, drought, and other stresses.

To read case studies or see videos that fully support these benefits, see our CASE STUDIES from farmers, 3rd party consultants, and academia. For details specific to your farm, request your ACF Performance Warranty.

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