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How It Works

The Science Behind ACF

The science of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) has been evolving and improving for over a decade. At TLC Products, we understand that different crops and different soil types and different farm practices all impact the final crop yield and quality. As the science of PGPB has advanced, one thing has become clear: your success (and therefore our success) is increased dramatically by including as many of the possible mechanisms of Plant Growth Promotion into a dose program.

Some competing products are single strain or a mixture of Bacillus spores. Other competing approaches depend on including many species – so many that it is nearly impossible to verify or quantity what is in the product.

At TLC Products, we are laser-focused on ensuring that the key plant growth promoting FUNCTIONS are included in our products, and that our products deliver those functions to your crop. Most competing products list very high cfu (colony forming units) and many different species. Certainly, this is a good start. But providing true benefit to the farmer is so much more than the cfu count.

TLC Products Presents Science and Case Studies at ACRES 2023 Conference
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TLC Products has been developing bacterial products since 1996. We have always focused on FUNCTION more than cfu. TLC uses proprietary and patented methods to make sure that the important PGPB functions are built into in our products, and that they are delivering these FUNCTIONS when used at your farm. That is why we are so successful. That is why we are confident enough to offer you the exclusive ACF Performance Warranty.

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A summary of recognized functions required to boost crop yield and improve crop health and quality is shown below:

For more technical information, please click on this video presentation by the inventor of ACF, John M. Wong.

How We Ensure Product Functionality

At TLC, we focus on product FUNCTIONALITY rather than cfu. To be clear, we also have very high cfu, but the FUNCTIONS provided are much more important.

Beginning with the founding of TLC Products, Inc. in 1996, we have developed both patented and proprietary techniques for ensuring that our microbes perform specified functions. The following are some general ways that we build the functionality into ACF microbial products:

  • Growing microbes on N deficient media, ensuring N fixing ability
  • Growing microbes so that they must solubilize various non-bioavailable phosphorous compounds in order to grow, ensuring P solubilization ability
  • Constantly selecting microbes – without genetic engineering – that can produce the needed hydrolytic enzymes, and making them part of the final products
  • Storing blends of our microbes, grown as noted above, ensuring that long-term survivability (shelf life) of our products is ensured

With these and other methods, our products provide the full spectrum of Plant Growth Promoting functions to your farm. Along with the superior functionality, we deliver excellent shelf life. And for economy, to treat even the largest farms, our ACF=AgKit is without match anywhere in the world.

To get the best dose program for your farm and see the benefits available, request your ACF Performance Warranty today.

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