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ACF Performance Warranty

Exclusive ACF PERFORMANCE WARRANTY for use of ACF Microbial Products at your farm this season

ACF microbial products for commercial agriculture have proven successful in university labs, 3rd party evaluation, and most importantly, in over 1,000,000 acres of commercial agriculture around the globe. Great success (with references) is ongoing in Canada, Mexico, the EU, and South Africa. Now, TLC Products, the inventor and manufacturer of ACF, is promoting ACF use in Ohio and surrounding states, and bringing breakthrough ACF microbial benefit to Midwest farms.

Get the advantages of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria, superior Soil Health, plus Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphorous Solubilizing bacteria without the financial risk: Request your Performance Warranty for Improved Crop Yield and Quality with Use of ACF Microbial Products.

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Benefits of ACF use:

  • Superior root growth
  • Restoration of soil health
  • Improved use of N and P and K nutrients (with or without addition of fertilizers) through biofertilizer activity of ACF
  • Improved yield compared to control or historical field (OR YOU DO NOT PAY for ACF)
  • Improved crop quality (improved BRIX, size, uniformity, etc)

We can demonstrate these benefits in virtually all types of commercial agriculture, including grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, woody crops, and feed crops. To get your PERFORMANCE WARRANTY PROPOSAL, simply complete the Request For Proposal as completely as possible.


Obtaining your ACF Performance Warranty is risk-free and without obligation. After we receive your information, we will provide you with the exact products to be used, in what quantities, at what times, with simple procedures. And we will list the benefits that you will receive with ACF use. Best of all, with the exclusive ACF Performance Warranty, you do not pay unless you are satisfied with the product’s performance on your farm.

The ACF Performance Warranty is being offered for a limited time! Just complete the form as completely as you can (just a few minutes), and hit SUBMIT! We will respond with a tailored ACF Performance Warranty specific to your needs and your crop.

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Note: For those of you with multiple crops on your farm, please complete a separate Request For Proposal for each crop.