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City of Sheridan test trials Holly Pond


Farm Pond Treatment


Holly Pond
Sheridan, WY

Peter J. Veinbergs, ISA Certified Arborist RM-7982 A


Our initial goal for these ponds was to increase the clarity levels of the pond and reduce the muck built up. There were also varieties of algae present which were causing issues with the aesthetics of the pond for the homeowners that surround the pond. We started treating the pond using professional strength version of FarmPond Treatment from TLC-Products in May of 2019. We did applications monthly through October of 2019. At the time of our first application the pond was 2-4” of clarity at surface. Over the span of May through October we saw dramatic changes in the clarity levels going from 2-4” of clarity to 8-10” in one month. By the end of October we could clearly see the bottom of the pond which was the first time in years it had been so clear. We also saw a dramatic decrease in algae blooms.

Here are a few photos from June and July which show the clarity levels change. These were taken the months of June and July.

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