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StartSmart Probiotics For Aquaculture

Use of probiotics in aquaculture is increasing in importance around the world. Probiotics are used to control the microbial mix of the aquatic environment, improve feed conversion to body weight, enhance resistance to disease, and to improve the quality of the aquatic environment.

Most probiotics for aquaculture contain just bacillus bacteria. While bacillus bacteria are proven to be effective in some ways, adding bacillus will not improve ammonia or nitrite reduction. Ammonia and nitrite are both toxic in aquaculture, especially in intensive systems.

StartSmart Probiotics for Aquaculture (available in freshwater and saltwater versions) contains the bacillus that other probiotics are composed of, along with selected other bacteria that digest sludge and remove organic carbon. Plus, StartSmart contains massive numbers of live nitrifying bacteria. StartSmart Probiotics for Aquaculture eliminates ammonia and nitrite toxicity.

Reduced Mortality

Intensive aquaculture systems employ feeds rich in protein. This causes large release of ammonia. Ammonia build up prevents the fish from obtaining energy from feed efficiently. If ammonia concentration gets high enough, the fish become lethargic, fall into a coma and die. Ammonia can also have so-called “sub-lethal” effects—such as reduced growth, poor feed conversion, and reduced disease resistance at ammonia concentrations that are lower than lethal levels.

Rigorous test vs control field studies prove that StartSmart reduces toxic ammonia in aquaculture systems. In smaller aquaculture systems, “Ready to Use” StartSmart is used. For larger systems, aerated prep tanks are employed to optimize the economy and efficiency of StartSmart Probiotics before application to the ponds.

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Increased Fish Yield

Disease, lethal and sub-lethal ammonia concentration (which lowers feed conversion), nitrite build up (which impairs oxygen transfer), and excess sludge (which releases sulfides) all reduce fish yield. StartSmart Probiotics for Aquaculture includes the right species at theright price to minimize all of these problems.

StartSmart Probiotics for Aquaculture will improve fish yield from 14% to 40%. Even in tightly controlled laboratory experiments, where the ponds are rigorously operated by trained professionals, StartSmart use will increase fish yield by at least 14%. In ponds with real world problems, increases in yield of up to 40% are possible.

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Dramatic Success in Fish Transport Mortality Reduction

Whether in closed systems or in open systems, fish mortality during transport is a major concern and the subject of considerable worldwide research. Common attempts to reduce transport mortality include starvation of fish prior to transport, use of pure oxygen, lowered temperatures, ammonia binding agents, and anesthetics.

StartSmart Probiotics for Aquaculture has proven to be extremely effective in reducing fish transport mortality. In rigorous TEST vs CONTROL studies, StartSmart Probiotics increased the time before onset of mortality by 50% to 500%!

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