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Biological Water Clarifier

Our biological treatments for ponds, fountains, and aquariums consume nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic waste) without toxic chemicals to improve water clarity. This makes your aquatic system clear safely and naturally.

Why Use TLC Products' Treatments

Using chemicals can make your pond, aquarium or fountain clear but can harm fish and plants. Algaecides upset your biology. These chemicals are a poor choice for the environment. Algaecides are the quick way to make your water clear, but not the safe way. TLC Products are the safe alternative to clean and clear your aquatic system.

Causes of Water Clarity Problems

Poor clarity is the most common problem in ponds, aquariums, and fountains. This unwelcome situation is not only unsightly but negatively impacts fish and desirable plants, and depletes valuable oxygen. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic waste plus bright light cause water quality problems like green water and floating scum. Plus, sunlight (UV light) harms some of the bacteria that should normally help reduce nutrients in the water. Adding our 100% natural products restores the required natural balance to your system.


Remember, water clarity problems take time to develop, so making your water clear naturally (without toxic chemicals) will also take some time. Regular use of our pond, aquarium and fountain treatments will solve clarity problems. However, the benefit may take multiple product doses. See applicable dose charts and solutions for severe water clarity problems.

For clearer, cleaner water without harsh chemicals, use all natural TLC Products.

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