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Destroy Foul Odors

Pond, aquarium, fountain, and septic tank product from TLC eliminate foul odors in any aquatic system. TLC biological products solve odor problems by rapidly digesting sludge. Sludge comes from many sources, including grass, leaves, organic waste from fish or animals or humans, and from dead plants. More sludge means worse foul odor.

Why Use TLC Treatments for Odor Problems

Certain bacteria (desulfovibrio) live at water where there is little or no oxygen, and convert odorless sulfate into sulfide (H2S), creating bad odor. Desulfovibrio bacteria live at the sludge-water interface. TLC Products all natural live bacteria will digest the sludge and reduce the activity of the sulfide-producing bacteria -- that means less bad odor.

Causes of Foul Odor

Almost all aquatic systems have sludge build up. Even aquariums that are aerated properly may have bottom zones with little oxygen. And of course, there is very little oxygen in septic tanks! Sludge is the organic material that builds up in these systems. Several problems happen when sludge accumulates. Bad odor is formed in the anaerobic (no oxygen) zones. Hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) causes bad odor. Bad odor is the “rotten egg” smell. The more sludge, the more potential for bad odor. Disease-causing, odor-causing “anaerobic bacteria” live in the sludge. The worse the sludge build up, the greater the risk of fish diseases and odors.


The live bacteria in the pond, aquarium, fountain, and septic tank products from TLC provide long-lasting sludge digestion. Use of the various biological products from TLC will restore water clarity, digest bottom organic sludge, and eliminate foul pond odors. Foul odors are typically eliminated in just a week or two. Bad odor reduction is usually the first benefit from our products.

The best way to eliminate bad odor is to minimize the sludge build up with pond, aquarium, fountain, and septic tank products from TLC.

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