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Eliminate Excess Sludge

TLC Products' pond, aquarium, fountain, and septic tank treatments contain safe, natural bacteria that digest organic sludge in your aquatic system. Our all-natural products safely and effectively reduce excess sludge to proper levels.

Why Use TLC Products' Treatments for Digesting Sludge

Excess sludge in aquatic systems causes tremendous problems. The more sludge present, the more oxygen is pulled from the water, especially in warm temperatures. Excess sludge is directly responsible for fish death from oxygen loss, growth of pathogenic bacteria that thrive in the sludge, and release of H2S gas (responsible for rotten egg smell).


Excess sludge comes from many sources such as excess feed, dead plants, excess blooms, leaves and grass clippings, fish and human waste, etc. The bacteria that digest complex sludge produce enzymes that attack the sludge, breaking it down into simple compounds that any bacteria can consume. These special bacteria are great at making enzymes, but they have a slow reproduction rate when making the needed enzymes. Because they reproduce slowly, there are not enough of these enzyme-producing bacteria in the aquatic system to deal with the sludge. That is why excess sludge always builds up!


Adding pond, aquarium, fountain or septic treatments from TLC to your aquatic system provides enough bacteria to make sure sludge is at a minimum. This reduces problems such as oxygen sag, pathogens, and rotten egg smell in your lake and pond. Remember that it took years to build up, so safely reducing excess sludge will take a month or two (longer with severe lake and pond problems).

The biological pond, aquarium, fountain, and septic tank products from TLC are an ideal tool for digesting excess sludge.

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