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New Tank Set Up

For rapid and safe tank set up, so that you can add fish right away (rather than wait weeks), choose StartSmart for Instant Cycling, or StartSmart Complete. 

Tank Set Up Means Eliminating Ammonia and Nitrate

Ammonia is a toxic fish waste product. Without adding nitrifying bacteria (StartSmart for Instant Cycling or StartSmart Complete), a new tank set up means weeks of waiting to develop the proper bacteria to complete the tank set up.

When ammonia is removed, toxic nitrite is formed. The right bacteria are also needed to remove nitrite to complete your tank set up.

In established tanks, electrical outage, fish mortality, overfeeding, and more, can impair your tank set up. It is critical to populate your tank with enough nitrifying bacteria (they convert ammonia to nitrite to nitrate) or you will not have a proper and safe tank set up.

StartSmart for Instant Cycling was independently tested by Aquarium Fish International and was proven to immediately accomplish a tank set up. StartSmart Complete is also great at cycling aquariums, and can be used for other needs as well. The choice is up to you! 

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Instant Cycling Tank Set Up

Dose: 1 ounce of StartSmart every 12.5 gallons (or 1 ounce of StartSmart Complete for every 10 gallons) for instant tank set up

StartSmart Complete is so concentrated, it contains all the bacteria you need for a new tank set up or existing tank set up (instant cycling). One dose will remove toxic ammonia and nitrite quickly and safely. This is the safe and smart way to set up a tank. Once you have completed tank set up, switch to maintenance doses with StartSmart Complete, or with Aquarium Optimizer. 

Set up your new aquarium quickly and efficiently with aquarium products from TLC.

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