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Products for a Crystal Clear Aquarium

Maintaining crystal clear aquariums is a challenge to any hobbyist.  Cloudy, colored water, and unsightly surface problems (whether on rocks, gravel, or the aquarium walls) are not only unsightly but are typically not healthy for your fish.  Fortunately, StartSmart Complete is ideal for providing and maintaining a crystal clear aquarium. One economical weekly dose provides the bacteria needed for a healthy, clear aquarium.

How to Maintain a Clear Aquarium

A clear aquarium that is free of sludge, excess scum, and turbidity is a healthy aquarium. Excess feeding, bottom sludge, and high nutrients contribute to dirty water. Your fish thrive best in a clear aquarium, free of pollutants and excess muck. Using StartSmart Complete weekly is the smart way to maintain a clear aquarium and healthy aquatic life.

Sludge-reducing StartSmart Complete bacteria digests organic sludge. Dose weekly to eliminate sludge and promote a clear aquarium.

StartSmart Complete (freshwater and saltwater versions) contains nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that eliminate ammonia and nitrite from your aquarium, while also sequestering Phosphate. Maintenance dosing also lowers nitrate buildup. Through sludge reduction and nitrogen removal, StartSmart Complete provides a clear aquarium for your enjoyment and aquarium for the benefit of your fish.

How to Make Your Aquarium Clear

Toxic chemicals will make your aquarium clear, but they can harm fish and plants as well. These chemicals are a poor choice to make your aquarium clear, and although they are the quick way to make your aquarium clear, they are not the safe way. Algaecides upset the biology of your aquarium.

Hundreds of aquarium professionals use StartSmart Complete to keep their aquariums clear. StartSmart Complete is a biological clarifier that consumes nutrients without toxic chemicals.

Green water and hair algae take time to develop and persist. When you want to make your aquarium clear, remember that the problem took time to develop, and to make your aquarium clear naturally will also take some time.

Keep your aquarium crystal clear with regular doses of StartSmart Complete or Aquarium Optimizer from TLC.

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