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Reduce Bottom Sludge and Need for Required Water Changes

All aquariums require regular maintenance. Bottom sludge should be removed, tank walls and surfaces should be cleaned, and water should be changed based on water quality measurements. However, these are all time consuming tasks. Fortunately, these tasks can be minimized greatly with use of aquarium products from TLC!

How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Sludge build up on tank bottom and other surface problems usually require time consuming manual cleaning. Fortunately, regular use of StartSmart Complete (or Aquarium Optimizer) will dramatically reduce sludge build up, as well as keep tank walls and surfaces clear. For heavily populated tanks, or for the best possible results, dose once a week according to directions. Always dose at least once a month. StartSmart Complete is intended for use by the serious hobbyist, while Aquarium Optimizer is a great value for use by anyone with an aquarium.

What about Water Changes

Water changes (replacing a portion of your aquarium water with a clean water supply) is done to improve clarity, reduce toxic chemicals such as ammonia or nitrite, or after medication. Water changes are time consuming, potentially messy, and require some expertise (so that the replacement water matches the aquarium water chemical profile). With use of StartSmart Complete (or Aquarium Optimizer for the casual hobbyist), the need for water changes is reduced.

Why is the need for water changes reduced? Simple! With improved water clarity from StartSmart Complete (or Aquarium Optimizer), you may go months without losing the visual appeal of your aquarium. And since our products keep ammonia and nitrite at absolute minimal levels, the water chemistry remains favorable for months at a time. Many store owners, with thousands of gallons of stock and display tanks, use our products to cut required maintenance by 50% or more.

Aquarium products from TLC will reduce required maintenance dramatically.

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