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DeChlor & Conditioner

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Dechlor & Conditioner Makes Tap Water Safe for Fish Instantly

  • Works in both Fresh and Saltwater
  • Dose 1 ounce for every 125 gallons
  • For well water, or water supply with extra heavy chlorine levels, double standard dose
  • Removes Chlorine and Chloramine
  • Provides Slime Coat to Protect Gills
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals
  • Makes Tap Water and Well Water Safe for Fish Instantly
  • Proudly made in the USA

Available Sizes:
2 Ounces
4 Ounces
12 Ounces
16 Ounces 
32 Ounces 
1 Gallon

$2.35 - $35.00
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Full Product Description

Dechlor & Conditioner removes chlorine and chloramines, provides essential slime coat to protect gills, detoxifies heavy metals, and makes tap water safe for fish instantly.

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Use whenever adding new water to an aquarium or pond or fountain to instantly make water safe for fish.

TLC Products DeChlor & Conditioner works in both fresh and saltwater to remove chlorine and chloramines, provide an essential slime coat to protect gills, and detoxify heavy metals. Add to tap water to make it safe for fish instantly. This product can be used in ponds, aquariums, or fountains, to ensure a healthy and safe environment for your fish.

DeChlor & Conditioner keeps fish safe from heavy metals and slime!  BUY NOW