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Fountain Dose Chart & Instructions

Dose Chart

Dose 1 ounce of Fountain Perfect per five gallons of water volume. Apply once a week, directly into the fountain, using the dose chart below. 

Fountain Size (Gallons)Fountain Perfect Dose (Ounces/Week)
0 - 51 oz
5 - 102 oz
10 - 153 oz
15 - 204 oz
20 - 254 oz


In general, apply Fountain Perfect weekly, every week, during seasons where algae build up and poor water quality are typically a problem. Fountain Perfect will reduce required fountain cleanings by 70 to 80%).

Fountain Perfect contains concentrated biosolids, and treated water may look cloudy for a few hours after application after which the water will clear). Fountain Perfect is not a chemical, and may take a few applications to solve difficult problems.

If starting off with a severe problem or for faster results, we recommend cleaning out the water feature and the water reservoir before dosing, starting fresh, and then immediately applying Fountain Perfect once a week. It is best to apply in the evening, to avoid sunlight sunlight. Storage & Shelf Life »

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

  • Shake before using.
  • Apply Fountain Perfect weekly, every week, during seasons where algae build-up and poor water quality is a problem, using the dose rate of 1 ounce per five gallons of water volume. The best time of the day to apply Fountain Perfect is in the evening, allowing the beneficial bacteria time to work without the adverse effects of sunlight.
  • If starting with a severe problem, we recommend cleaning the water feature and start with fresh water before beginning the weekly dosing.
  • Fountain Perfect will extend the time between required cleaning of the water feature 70-80%.
  • Foam and odors will be eliminated in the first 2-3 days of product use. Algae reduction will vary, but will improve as the use of the product continues.
  • Fountain Perfect works best in water temperatures of 45° F or higher.
  • We do not recommend combining Fountain Perfect with any chemical-based additives, but if you are using chemicals such as algaecides in the fountain or water feature, water 48 hours after the chemical addition before applying Fountain Perfect.
  • Fountain Perfect is completely non-toxic and is perfectly safe for pets, birds, fish, wildlife, and plants.
  • Fountain Perfect will always be good for at least one year from purchase from our website store. The expiration date is noted on the product bottle.
  • Thank you again for considering the purchase of Fountain Perfect and remember that we are always here to help keep your Fountain in impeccable condition.