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Alive Elite:

Dose Procedures for Best Results

How Alive Elite Works

Why Do Plants Need Alive Elite?

Alive Elite is your all-in-one solution for healthier, more resilient plants.

Plants need microbes just like people do! In all of us, our gut microbes break down food, manufacture vitamins and even train our immune system. The same is true for plants!

Plant roots and the soil surrounding them are similar to our intestines, and many of the same things happen.

The area where plant roots and soil meet is called the “rhizosphere”. This is where the important processes happen for plant health.

Alive Elite bacteria colonize the moist area where the root meets the soil (the rhizosphere) and perform functions similar to beneficial gut bacteria.

Alive Elite bacteria provide nutrients to your plants naturally! The scientific way to say this is that Alive Elite is a biofertilizer. Alive Elite bacteria convert “unusable phosphorous or P” in your soil into the form plants need (orthophosphate). This reduces need for phosphorous fertilizers!

Alive Elite microbes also pull nitrogen from the air and supply nitrogen to the plant (this is called nitrogen fixation, and it reduces need for nitrogen fertilizer).

Alive Elite bacteria even combat greenhouse gas by pulling CO2 from the air and converting it into valuable organic carbon in soil that plants need.

Along with this important biofertilizer activity, Alive Elite bacteria naturally provide the growth hormones needed by plants to cause rapid germination and optimal growth.

By supplying these and other valuable functions, Alive Elite increases root density, root mass and root health, making plants more drought resistant.

Best of all, Alive Elite is completely natural, non-pathogenic, non-GMO, and free of toxic chemicals. All plants need bacteria in the rhizosphere to grow to their potential. Alive Elite’s superior formula ensures that all of the needed rhizosphere functions are present, allowing plants and turf to grow to their fullest potential.

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