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Alive Elite Dose for Indoor Plants

(Applies to 12 oz bottle or 32 oz bottle without spray attachment)

For indoor plants, the proper way to use Alive Elite is to simply mix the proper dose of Alive Elite into normal watering.

Alive Elite Dose by Watering Can or Misting Size

Whether you are using a watering can or a spray mister to water your plants, the procedure is the same. First add Alive Elite to an empty watering can according to the chart below, then add water to help mix the product well. Then apply to your plants as normal. It is that simple!

Size of Watering Can or Mister4 oz - 120 ml8 oz - 1/4 Liter16 oz - ½ Liter32 oz - 1 Liter64 oz - 2 LitersOne Gallon - 4 Liters
EZ Alive Elite Dose½ Capful1 Capful2 Capfuls4 Capfuls3 Tbs½ Cup
Dose in oz / ml2.5 ml5 ml10 ml – 0.3 oz20 ml – 0.7 oz45 ml -1.5 oz120 ml – 4 oz

Water your plants as usual, occasionally swirling your water can to make sure the product remains well mixed with the water. If you have excess water that you are not adding to your indoor plants, apply it outdoors to your lawn or garden!

Alive Elite Dose Frequency

Use Alive Elite at least once per month as part of your normal watering. Use the chart above to find the correct dose, and mix the proper amount of Alive Elite based on the size of your water can or mister. Many people get the best results by applying every week or two, but always dose Alive Elite at least once a month!

Note: The sizes of containers and dosing shown in the chart above are examples, but adjustments can be made for different sized watering cans. Just find an intermediate value between a smaller and larger can, and scale Alive Elite dose accordingly.