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Dose for Lawns

(Spray Kit Recommended).

Use hose end sprayer for best results. Apply one quart of Alive Elite using the hose end sprayer for every 2000 square feet of lawn. For newly planted grass, apply via hose end sprayer at seeding to get germination in 7 days. Dose Alive Elite with a hose end sprayer as soon as the seeds are laid down. Always spray in a pattern that allows the spray to fall down gently and vertically on the seeds, as this helps keeps the seeds in place. Avoid spraying “horizontally”, as this will push grass seeds away.

Whether starting with new seeds or treating existing grass, repeat the dose every 30 to 60 days. As with any irrigation, applying early in the morning or in the evening will help water retention and allow the Alive Elite microbes to reach the rhizosphere.

What if I dose more or less Alive Elite compared to your recommendations?
Generally, use our suggested dose rate. Overdosing with Alive Elite is not harmful but will waste product. Alive Elite is formulated for great results even when used on relatively poor soil. Sometimes you can get good results with a lower dose. Use the comments below as guidance.
  • If you want to speed up germination, or really boost your plant growth as much as possible, rather than increasing the dose in any one application, we recommend dosing more frequently at the recommended rate. For example, instead of waiting 30 to 60 days, you can speed up germination or growth by repeating your dose in 7 days. You will not need to dose this frequently very often if at all, but it can be helpful when conditions are especially dry or hot or cool!
  • If your soil is very rich, with great conditions for plant growth, you can still get great results with about half the normal dose of Alive Elite. Most users, however, use the recommended dose and find it economical and very effective.