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Dose for Outdoor Gardens and Greenhouses

(Spray Kit Recommended)

Use 1 oz Alive Elite for every 10 square feet of garden. Apply at seeding, and again every 30 to 60 days. Depending on your garden size and your convenience, dose with watering can or with hose end sprayer attachment.

Dosing with Watering Can: If the garden or greenhouse is relatively small, a water can is the easiest way to dose Alive Elite. Simply add the needed amount (1 oz for every 10 square feet) of Alive Elite into the water can, fill with water, then sprinkle on the plants. Try to get most of the water near the seeds or plant stems rather than randomly around the ground. Alive Elite needs to work at the rhizosphere, which means the root zone. Getting more of the product where it is needed leads to the best possible results.

Dosing with Hose End Sprayer: For larger gardens, a hose end sprayer is the easiest and most effective way to dose Alive Elite.

  1. Attach the intake straw into the sprayer intake hole
  2. Screw the hose end sprayer onto the quart bottle of Alive Elite.
  3. Screw on or tighten the garden hose to the sprayer
  4. Be sure the sprayer is in the OFF position and shake the Alive Elite bottle very well.
  5. Turn on the water to the hose and point the sprayer at the target plants
  6. Turn the sprayer valve to the “spray” position
  7. Occasionally turn the spray valve to the off position then back to the “spray” position as this helps prevent clogging of the spray unit!
  8. Continue spraying water / Alive Elite until you have dispensed the correct dose to the garden.
How do I know how much Alive Elite I have dispensed from the sprayer?
Alive Elite is packaged in a clear bottle so that you can see how much product remains in the bottle. Every inch is about 4 ounces of product. If you want to apply 4 ounces to your 40 square foot garden, simply continue spraying until the level of Alive Elite in the bottle has gone down about one inch. (2 inches for 8 ounces, 4 inches for 16 ounces, etc).