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AquaClean ACF-SF is an environmentally friendly, unique bacterial formula designed to inoculate and enhance the biological activity in soil. ACF SF is proven to increase crop yield significantly. ACF SF is approved as a soil inoculant throughout the USA.

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-pathogenic
  • Non-GMO
  • All natural bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves plant growth
  • Increase crop yield

Available Sizes:
1 Quart (32 oz)
6 Quarts / 1.5 Gallons (6 Pack of 32 oz Bottles)
1 Gallon
6 Gallons (6 Pack of 1 Gallon)
30 Gallons (30 Pack of 1 Gallon)

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Full Product Description

AquaClean ACF-SF is a biological soil inoculant used in a variety of agricultural programs to condition soil and improve plant growth and crop yield.

AquaClean ACF-SF is a unique, environmentally friendly bacterial formula that affordably and sustainably enhances biological activity in soil, improves uptake of N and P by plants, and stimulates plant germination, root growth and healthy development.

AquaClean ACF-SF restores soil health, boosts nutrient uptake and increases crop yield in your garden or on the farm, or can be used to grow a greener, healthier lawn. Download PDF

Better Performance

  • Greater biomass and crop yield.
  • Improved plant/crop quality.
  • Better nutrient absorption.
  • Reduces plant stress.

Better Product Quality

  • Contains a stable microbial blend of 6 bacterial species with a 2-year shelf life.
  • Each bacterial species is grown separately and then formulated for consistency and quality control.
  • Easy to use, just dilute with non-chlorinated water and apply as a foliar spray or in irrigation system.

Better Safety

  • Non-toxic, non-GMO and non-pathogenic.
  • All natural, BioSafety Level 1 bacteria.

Easy to Use
ACF-SF is typically diluted with water then applied directly to soil in the expected root zone, or sprayed on turf or foliage. Dilute ACF-SF with as much tap water as needed to obtain good coverage. When applying directly to soil, the extra dilution water helps the product penetrate the upper soil and reach the root zone, where the probiotic bacteria are needed the most! ACF-SF has specific dose procedures for turf, house plants, gardens, and commercial agriculture. To learn more about how to use ACF-SF, download the instructional PDF.

How AquaClean ACF-SF Works
ACF-SF and ACF-SF+ are unique bacterial formulas designed to inoculate planting soils and hydroponic mediums, enhancing the biological activity in all of the various media and hydroponics flow systems, promoting better nutrient uptake, increased biomass and better overall plant health. The key is our ability to create a defined, stable and potent mix of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) that is easy to apply without altering your plant-care regimen. You can increase yield 20 plus percent and significant reduce your grow time in both hydroponic systems and soil applications. To learn more about how ACF-SF works, download the informational PDF.

AquaClean ACF-SF is the eco-friendly solution to significantly improve plant growth. BUY NOW