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  • Treats garden ponds and decorative ponds up to ¼ acre in size
  • One version for problem ponds that cannot be solved with Pond Perfect alone
  • A second version specially for Fall and Spring Prep
  • Slow release formula, apply once a month or as directed
  • Completely biodegradable (toss into pond, let it work a full month)
  • Can be removed from pond, or left in pond (as you choose)
  • Not a chemical, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, 100% natural
  • Safe for people, children, livestock, pets, fish, wildlife, and plants
  • Proudly made in the USA

Available Options:
2 lb. EcoSock for Problem Ponds
2 lb. EcoSock Fall and Spring Prep

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Full Product Description

EcoSocks are slow-release, powder-based biodegradable EcoSock for long-lasting protection.

Easy to apply. Simple throw the EcoSock in the pond in the problem area.

EcoSock for Problem Ponds help clean up troublesome ponds. EcoSock Fall and Spring Prep are prefect for use at the beginning or end of the season to keep sludge and muck at bay. This all natural product is for small ponds 1/4 acre or smaller. For larger ponds, try Farm Pond Treatment.

EcoSocks are a biological clarifier that effectively:

  1. Improves lake and pond water clarity
  2. Destroys foul odor from farm ponds or lakes
  3. Eliminates muck or sludge in lakes and ponds

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EcoSocks are the smart, easy way to clean up your small pond. BUY NOW