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Eliminate Pond Sludge

Our line of pond products eliminate sludge at the bottom of the pond or lake where the problem persists. All of our pond products contain safe, 100% natural live bacteria that digest the sludge safely and effectively and restore the pond to proper levels

Why Use TLC Products' Pond Treatment

An overabundance of sludge in ponds and lakes cause terrible issues. The sludge causes bad rotten egg smell, and reduces oxygen in the water causing bacteria to grow and fish to die.


The excess sludge found in lakes and ponds may come from excess feed, dead plants, excess blooms, leaves and grass clippings, etc. The bacteria in TLC Products digest complex lake and pond sludge, produce enzymes that attack the sludge, and break it down into simple compounds that any lake and pond bacteria can consume. While some of these good bacteria are found in the water naturally, they reproduce slowly so there aren’t enough to consume the sludge. That’s where TLC Products comes in!


Adding PondPerfect, Farm Pond Treatment, or EcoSocks to your lake or pond will provide extra of these good bacteria keep sludge at bay, and thereby reduces other issues including oxygen sag, pathogens, and foul odors in your lake and pond. Our natural bacteria may take a month or two to see an improvement.

TLC Products' Pond Products are an ideal tool for digesting lake and pond sludge.

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