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Pond Water Clarifier

PondPerfect and Farm Pond Treatment products consume nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic waste) without toxic chemicals to improve water clarity. This makes your pond clear safely and naturally.

Why Use Pond Treatment Products from TLC

Using chemicals can make your pond clear but can harm fish and plants. Algaecides upset your biology. These chemicals are a poor choice for the environment. Algaecides are the quick way to make your water clear, but not the safe way. Pond treatments from TLC are the safe alternative to clean and clear up lake and pond water.


Many pond and lake owners have water clarity problems. This unsightly problem plagues residential ponds, farm ponds, and golf course ponds alike. Poor water clarity also depletes oxygen levels and reduce pond performance. By using TLC Products, you can restore your pond’s natural balance, fixing green water and floating scum.


Restore the beauty of your pond with PondPerfect, Farm Pond Treatment and EcoSocks. Our all-natural products may take some time for you to see the benefits, unlike instant results you may get with toxic chemicals. Keep in mind that it took time for problems to develop, so it will take time to safely fix. Severe problems may require multiple doses, but regular use will keep them at bay.

Make your pond clear safely and naturally with pond treatment products from TLC.

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