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Pond Dose Chart & Instructions

Dose Chart

Dose: Use the table below to keep your pond clear. Apply weekly for best results. To make a problem pond clear, double the dose until the problem is solved, then switch to the maintenance dose.

Pond Size (Gallons)Pond Perfect Quantity (Ounces/Week)
1,0002 ounces
2,5004 ounces
5,0006 ounces
10,0008 ounces
15,00010 ounces
20,00012 ounces
25,00014 ounces
37,50021 ounces
50,00028 ounces
7542 ounces
100,00056 ounces

Problem Ponds Dose: 1 EcoSock per month for ponds up to 1/4 acre.
Fall and Spring Prep Dose: 1 EcoSock per season for every 5,000 gallons.
For larger ponds, more EcoSocks will be needed.

Farm Pond Treatment (Kit includes one gallon Pond Perfect Concentrate plus 1.5 pound EcoSock)
Dose: 1 box Farm Pond Treatment per month per 1/4 acre. Order Now »

Pond Size (Acres)Square MetersFarm Pond Treatment Quantity (Boxes/Month)
0.251,0121 box
0.502,0232 boxes
0.753,0353 boxes
1.004,0474 boxes
1.255,0595 boxes
1.506,0706 boxes
1.757,0827 boxes
2.008,0948 boxes

Note: A quarter acre pond, depending on the depth, will be about 325,000 gallons to 500,000 gallons.
Example 1: For a 1 acre pond, use 4 boxes of Farm Pond Treatment per month. Begin in spring, or when problems begin, continue through fall.
Example 2: For a 3 and 1/2 acre pond, use 14 boxes of Farm Pond Treatment per month. Begin treatment in spring, or when problems begin, and continue through fall.


Use PondPerfect weekly once the pond is in good condition. If starting off with a problem pond, use every couple days until the problem is gone.

Open top of box along cut line, remove EcoSock. Discard outer plastic bag. In general, just toss the EcoSock into the pond having problems. Toss the EcoSock 3 to 10 feet from the pond shore, wherever problems are worst. The EcoSock will sink to the bottom of the pond and not be noticeable. While EcoSocks can be used alone, results will be optimal by using along with liquid-based PondPerfect especially in ponds with chronic or severe problems.

The EcoSock Problem Ponds is designed for ponds up to 1/4 acre. If your pond is larger, you will need proportionately more EcoSocks. Reapply EcoSocks once a month, in any pond with severe algae, sludge, and/or odor problems.

EcoSocks for Fall and Spring Prep are applied either before the weather becomes warm (Spring Prep) or at the end of pond season (Fall).  Spring Prep EcoSock will help remove residual bottom sludge before the weather warms up.  This will help prevent the pond from going bad with warm weather due to excess waste in the pond bottom.  If added at the end of pond season (Fall), the EcoSocks will work slowly until the water is extremely cold, and will begin to work again in the fall, providing even more protection against warm weather pond problems. Whenever Fall and Spring Prep EcoSocks are applied, they help ensure a great start to the next pond season. One application towards the end of fall is usually all you need. However, for ponds with chronic or severe problems, some users apply these special EcoSocks at both times (Fall and Spring).  Add the Fall and Spring Prep EcoSock into your pond at any time before it freezes over..

Farm Pond Treatment
In order to determine the correct Farm Pond Treatment dosages for your specific pond:

  1. Know the surface area of your pond (see chart for dose) >
  2. Double the dose for ponds with severe or long-standing problems >
  3. Apply most of the product where problems are most severe >

One Farm Pond Treatment water quality box / kit contains one gallon of liquid PondPerfect plus one EcoSock.
Dose your pond or lake with a Farm Pond Treatment once a month based on the surface area needing treatment:

Follow these guidelines to make sure you get the best results and value from Farm Pond Treatment. These three things are most important:

1. Know the surface area of your pond (see chart for dose)
The Farm Pond Treatment dose is based on the surface area of the pond or lake having problems. Once the surface area is known (in acres), the number of Farm Pond Treatments is taken from the chart.

The Farm Pond Treatment dose is one box (kit) per month (which means one gallon of liquid and one EcoSock) for every 1/4 acre of pond surface area. Dose the PondPerfect liquid and EcoSock powder at the same time, once a month.

The liquid PondPerfect provides maximum rapid action, while EcoSocks work throughout the month to maintain the required level of activity. Apply most of the PondPerfect liquid where the problems exist. Simply throw the EcoSock where the problems are greatest.

Remember, the dose is based on the surface area of the pond having problems.

2. Double the dose for ponds with severe or long-standing problems
Some ponds that have had severe problems over the long term should be treated initially with a double dose. It may take 2 to 4 double treatments to bring your pond back up to your satisfaction, but you can switch to the standard dose chart once you see progress (as early as one month). One month of the double treatment is often all that is needed.

3. Apply most of the product where problems are most severe
It is best to apply most of each dose of the Farm Pond Treatment where the problems are most severe. In nearly all lakes and ponds, the majority of the unsightly problems occur along the shore line, or at one end of the pond or the other. Sludge build up, however, may be present throughout the pond base, so it is difficult to precisely assess where the problems originate from without doing extensive and expensive testing. Our experience shows that dosing around the pond periphery and in problem areas is completely suitable. The natural diffusion of liquid PondPerfect from the shoreline to the center of the pond will be assisted by normal wind action and natural mixing. In the vast majority of ponds, simply dose the liquid PondPerfect around the shore of the pond, adding more product where problems are most severe. Similarly, toss the EcoSocks into the pond where the odor or known sludge problems are most severe. This approach will minimize labor and produces excellent results nearly all of the time.

Tips and Tricks for Best Results


  • Pond Perfect is 100% safe bacteria. You cannot overdose, harm fish, plants, wildlife or pets.
  • Pond Perfect is multi-purpose, and solves water clarity issues, organic debris build up and foul odors. Whatever your pond’s issue, PondPerfect is the answer.
  • We recommend that you dose in the evening, after the sun has set on the pond, also turn off any UV lighting for 8-10 hours after dosing for best results.
  • For severe water clarity issues double your first two doses (first two weeks).
  • After odor or water clarity problems are solved, continue weekly dosing. This will ensure reduction of bottom sludge, making your pond safer for fish, especially during hot and sunny times when oxygen levels decrease.
  • Timeframe and what to expect from PondPerfect dosing:
    • Within 24-48 hours of first dose any foul odors will be eliminated.
    • Normally within 7-10 days the water clarity will be improved.
    • After 3 to 4 weeks of treatment you will generally see dramatically improved water clarity.


  • Many users find great success using the EcoSock as a season start-up or season-ending treatment. This gets your pond off to a great start. Then you can follow up with either regular PondPerfect or more EcoSocks as the season goes by.
  • For best results, add an EcoSock at the seasons end, which will help reduce the excess organic muck.

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