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Timetable of Results for Pond Products

When to Expect to See Treatment Results

Farm Pond Treatment kits (Combo Packs) are a combination of PondPerfect and EcoSock. Farm Pond Treatment is a natural, biological means of pond treatment and does not poison anything like chemicals do (e.g. copper sulphate). Therefore, do NOT expect the instant results that you may get with harsh chemicals. It will take a month, and possibly 2 to 4 months in severe situations, to really make a change.

While TLC Products effectiveness is more gradual than typical chemical treatments, PondPerfect and EcoSocks are actually beneficial for water quality, fish, wildlife and your turf (if irrigating). Farm Pond Treatment will not harm any desirable plants and Farm Pond Treatment is completely non-toxic.

Odor Control is the Quickest Result

Any odor problems will dissipate within one or two weeks of the first application. Rotten egg and septic odors will be eliminated, and if anything, only a natural earthy smell will be present. Be sure to maintain monthly treatments from spring through fall to keep the odors at bay.

Water Clarity Improvement

Zones of water clearing should be evident in the vicinity where you apply Farm Pond Treatment within the first week or two. Within 1 or 2 applications, clarity around the edges of the pond will improve. That is a sure sign of progress. After one to two months of treatment, it should be obvious that the water clarity is improving, whether we are talking about the water column or surface clarity. At this critical point, if progress is not yet satisfactory, continue the elevated dose for another month or two. By application 4, the pond should certainly be clear unless there is an unusual or unexpected aquatic condition or high rainfall.

Sludge Reduction

Sludge build-up comes from dead leaves, clippings, wildlife droppings, and the remains of past blooms. Sludge build-up is the main cause of bad odors and increases the potential for fish disease. The Farm Pond Treatment kit will decrease the sludge build-up in any pond by 25% or more in any season. This benefits pond owners thousands of dollars in dredging expenses. Take note of the sludge levels in any lake receiving Farm Pond Treatment, as this benefit alone will be well worth the cost of treatment.

Existing or Severe Problems

When trying to eliminate an existing water clarity problem, the Farm Pond Treatment dose rate should be doubled until the problem is solved, then the dose is returned to the standard rate. The double dose rate for a problem pond is usually needed for about 2 to 4 months, but can be switched to the standard dose in as little as one month. Often switching to a double dose rate is effective for dealing with short-term water clarity problems that occur during unusually hot or sunny periods.


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