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User Guide for Pond Products

The following PDF contains the guidelines to ensure optimum results from use of the Farm Pond Treatment kit, which contains both PondPerfect and EcoSocks. Download the PDF to learn what types of ponds to treat and what results to expect, the timetable for positive results to occur; and how to obtain the greatest value from use of Farm Pond Treatment (Combo Packs).

User Guide Outline

  1. How to Determine Dosing for a Specific Pond
  2. How to Apply Farm Pond Treatment (PondPerfect and EcoSock)
  3. Timetable of Expected Results
  4. Compatibility with Desirable Aquatic Plants and Fish
  5. Storage and Shelf Life

Download User Guide PDF

How Much to Apply

For most ponds, simply figure out the acres of the pond that needs treatment, then use the Standard Dose Chart to determine how much you need to add. PondPerfect is for ponds smaller than 1/4 acre, and Farm Pond Treatment is for bigger ponds that are 1/4 acre or larger.

Dose Higher in These Two Situations:

  1. For extra deep ponds (ponds that are more than 12 ft. average depth), increase the Standard Dosage by 25%.
  2. Double the dose for severe existing problems, and switch to the standard dose once the pond is improving.

Beginning Application

It is best to wait until the pond is at least 50°F or warmer before beginning with PondPerfect, EcoSocks, or Farm Pond Treatment. Dosing should continue throughout the spring, summer, and autumn. Once the water temperature drops below 50°F, there is little value in continuing treatment, as the sludge does not grow as much in cooler temperatures.

You can begin treating a problem pond at any time, assuming that you consider the temperatures noted above. You can begin dosing before a problem begins to prevent it, or dosing can begin even after a severe bloom and yet still solve the problem (though this may require a double dose for a few months).

Use Regularly from Spring to Fall

For best results, add Farm Pond Treatment according to the proper dose once a month, and every month to large ponds over 1/4 acre in size. Extra dosing, or double dosing, cannot hurt -- but can only improve results when severe problems exist. Repeat the treatment monthly during typical warm, sunny seasons.

For smaller ponds, add PondPerfect weekly before at start of the spring season, and throughout the fall to keep up maintenance.

Steps for Applying Farm Pond Treatment

  1. Step 1: PondPerfect
    • Shake the bottle before use.
    • Dose the liquid PondPerfect around the shoreline of the pond where the problems are worst.
    • For best results, mix the proper dose of PondPerfect with several times that volume of pond water then distribute this mixture around the pond periphery.
      Apply most of the liquid to the zones where the clarity, sludge, or odor problems are most severe.
    • It is often best to choose 4 or more dosing points (more dosing points for larger ponds).
    • Otherwise, let normal wind action and natural mixing distribute the product.
  2. Step 2: EcoSock
    • Similarly, throw the EcoSock into the pond 3 to 10 feet from the shore where problems are most severe.
    • EcoSocks are designed for ponds up to 1/4 acre with severe algae, sludge, and/or odor problems.
    • For larger ponds, use proportionately more EcoSocks.