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Household septic tank systems have higher than necessary maintenance costs, such as excess pumping. Septic systems often generate foul, rotten egg odors, run slowly or sluggishly, and often have poorly working drain fields with stagnant standing water, puddles, odors, etc. All of these problems can be solved through regular use of Septic Medic!

This septic treatment solution works by reducing the amount of sludge and muck in your septic tank. It destroys foul odors and eliminates the need for frequent septic pumping removal services. Learn more about the benefits of using Septic Medic to restore your septic system to peak efficiency.

Septic Medic
Septic Medic
Proven to eliminate septic tank odors. Reduces excess pumping. Restores septic tank & drain field to peak efficiency.
$10.95 - $159.95