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Ready to Use vs Aerated Prep Tank

StartSmart Probiotics is available in two forms:

Ready to Use

With Ready to Use StartSmart, the end user simply shakes the container and doses to his system.  Ready to Use product has a two year shelf life.  Ready to Use StartSmart is the most convenient method of applying the product. 

Ready to Use StartSmart comes in both freshwater and saltwater versions.

Ready to Use StartSmart is typically for smaller systems, up to perhaps 25,000 gallons in volume (or up to 100 m3).


Aerated Prep Tank

For larger systems, or for systems with chronic or severe problems, we recommend the use of an aerated prep tank.

In the typical aerated prep tank operations, the following equipment is needed
A clean prep tank (such as an open top 55 gallon drum or larger tank)
Aeration supplied to the prep tank (around 1 cfm per 1000 gallons of prep tank volume)
Temperature control to 80 F (27 C)
The size of the prep tank will vary depending our your application.

At regular intervals, StartSmart Probiotics and StartSmart Activator are added to the aerated prep tank along with dilution water.  After 7 to 21 days of holding time, prepared product is dosed from the prep tank to your aquaculture system.


  • The aerated prep tank approach provides great cost savings, as the amount of “Ready to Use” product required for treatment is dramatically reduced
  • The product in the aerated prep tank will be actively nitrifying as it is dosed into your aquaculture system.  This means that there is no long lag-time involved when using the aerated prep tank.  Product is used in its most active state, giving you the best possible results
  • The aerated prep tank is simple to operate, and is highly dependable when operated according to directions.