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Septic Medic: Guaranteed to Get the Odor Out

Imagine an ideal septic tank. It would purify the waste effectively, send clean water to your drain field, it would require a minimum of pumping, and would not stink! Everybody wants to get the odor out!.

How do you get the odor out? When a septic tank lacks a balanced, healthy biomass, the pH tends to drop. Now you need to get the odor out, because low pH means bad odors!

How do you get the odor out? Use Septic Medic to get the odor out!

As demonstrated by lab tests, Septic Medic gets the odor out. Now with Sulf-X, Septic Medic is the only bacterial product guaranteed to get the odor out. Septic Medic’s concentrated, balanced bacterial formula keeps septic tanks working at peak efficiency, and that is needed to get the odor out. Regular dosing with Septic Medic gets the rotten egg odor out. Septic Medic’s safe, natural bacteria digest odorous compounds, without toxic chemicals. Since no toxic chemicals are used, Septic Medic is the environmentally responsible way to get the odor out!

Septic Medic repopulates your system with safe, natural, diverse bacteria needed to digest sludge, consume waste products like volatile acids, and eliminate odors. By improving the overall waste digestion, Septic Medic keeps the rotten egg odor out.

Septic Medic will get the odor out of vents, odor out of drain fields, and odor out of pipes. Using Septic Medic according to directions will keep the odor out, or your product will be replaced.

Septic Medic is environmentally safe. Septic Medic is non-toxic, and does not contain harmful surfactants. Unlike other septic additives, Septic Medic has a neutral, slightly musty odor, and is not offensive when stored or when applied. Do you need to get the odor out? Septic Medic is the right choice to get the sulfide odor out.

Septic Medic Testimonials

SepticMedic reduces pump out

SepticMedic reduces Odor Out


Septic Medic does not require refrigeration and is good for 2 years after purchase. Septic Medic is odorless, and contains no toxic chemicals. Septic Medic is the smart way to get the odor out.


Septic Medic is the smart way to get the odor out. Find Septic Medic at your local retailer or purchase online at our store.