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Septic Medic: Digests Sludge, Less Pump Out Needed

Most people forget about their septic tank until it is time for a pump out. When it is time to pump out, it will cost $100 to $300 per pump out. In general, most people pump out every 1 to 3 years. A tank with problems might require a pump out even more frequently.

How do you know when it is time to pump out? Most people pump out when they notice rotten egg odor coming from vents or the drain field. Other people pump out when their local septic pumper suggests a pump out.

When excess solids build up in a septic tank, it is surely time for a pump out. The problem is knowing how much sludge is built up. If you pump out too often, you are just wasting money.

Now you can reduce pump out and reduce odors. Septic Medic’s hungry bacteria digest sludge at a maximum rate, restoring any septic tank to peak efficiency. This means that the pump out rate, especially in sluggish tanks, will be dramatically reduced, saving you money.

Septic Medic will also purge the drain field of organic blockages. This is like a pump out of your drain field, without the cost of excavation and replacement. The purging of the drain field means less puddling, reduced odors, and free-flow through your system. Using Septic Medic gives the benefit of a pump out, at a small fraction of the cost!

Septic Medic is environmentally safe. Septic Medic is non-toxic, and does not contain harmful surfactants. Unlike other septic additives, Septic Medic has a neutral, slightly musty odor, and does not smell offensive when stored or when applied.

Use Septic Medic to reduce pump out. Always follow local and state laws that may require a pump out at given intervals.

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SepticMedic reduces pump out

SepticMedic reduces pump out


Septic Medic does not require refrigeration and is good for 2 years after purchase. Septic Medic is odorless, and contains no toxic chemicals. Septic Medic is the smart way to reduce the need to pump out.


Septic Medic is the smart way to reduce pump out. Find Septic Medic at your local retailer or purchase online at our store.