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Benefits of Pond Treatment from TLC

Pond Products from TLC are the best solution for ponds and lakes with water clarity, odor or sludge problems. 

100% natural
Chemical free

Easy to apply
Safe for aquatic life, farm animals, and pets
Recommended by professionals
Made in USA

In addition to the all-natural, animal-safe formula, the pond cleaner products also have 3 major benefits.

  1. Benefit 1: Cleans and clears up water
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  2. Benefit 2: Destroys foul odors
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  3. Benefit 3: Reduces sludge and muck
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PondPerfect is perfect for smaller garden and decorative ponds, while Farm Pond Treatment is specifically designed for larger lakes.  EcoSocks are available for treating problem ponds, and DeChlor and Conditioner is ideal to use when starting a new pond (makes water safe for fish instantly).

Restore your pond or lake to beauty and clarity with TLC Products' Pond Treatment solutions.

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