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Benefits of TLC Aquarium Products

Our fish tank cycling, water clarifying, and maintenance products have many benefits not only for fish and plant life but also for the tank’s attraction. 

100% natural
Chemical free

Easy to apply
Safe for aquatic life
Recommended by professionals
Made in the USA

Please choose from our three product lines:

  1. StartSmart for Instant Cycling 
  2. StartSmart Complete (our premier product for the serious hobbyist) 
  3. Aquarium Optimizer (great value for anyone who wants a healthy, clear tank)

No matter your choice, you will have three great benefits!

  1. Benefit 1: Optimizes Cycle (eliminate ammonia and nitrite)
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  2. Benefit 2: Maintains and Improves Water Clarity
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  3. Benefit 3: Reduces Bottom Sludge and Need for Required Water Changes
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Whatever your needs, there is an aquarium product from TLC that is perfect for you.

Clarify and improve the health of your water with natural aquarium cleaner from TLC Products.

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